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Seamlessly move your staff to a working from home model without losing revenue or experiencing down time transitioning documents, working files, appointment booking, billing, accounting, and client payments all online and remote.


Many law firms are unexpectedly having to move their entire offices online due to the recent events resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. Law firms with a physical server and primary paper filing system are struggling to keep their businesses profitable as attorneys, paralegals, and support staff are forbidden to go into the office. Don’t let your business fail and take these simple steps to ensure your firm is remote and everything it needs, is available and secure anywhere, anytime.


Ensure that you have one version of the truth. Make sure you can easily store and organize client information, emails, and documents in one electronic matter. When lawyers are not in the office together, collaborating on a case can be difficult if everyone does not have the same set of information. When someone in the firm works on an existing document or creates a new one, the electronic matter must update in real-time, without risking saving over someone else’s work; all versions of that document must remain in tact and viewable by all. Also, any and all case material must be available to anyone with access to the matter, from their desktop, iPad, smart watch, or mobile phone. A true cloud-based legal software is the only way to ensure you will have what you need to manage your secure firm remotely and virtually. There are very few systems available on the market today that can allow such a sophisticated document manager specifically made for law firms with 1-50 users.

Work from home with LEAP

Check out the resources below for suggestions on how to turn your paper files into electronic ones immediately.



legal cloud software helps with remote billing and invoicing

Make sure you can record time, generate bills, send invoices via email, and accept payment from clients online. Most law firms still manually record their time or use a server-based system to record their time. This means that attorneys and staff have to keep track of their time on paper at home, in addition to making sure it is accurate with all the distraction of children, family, and remote working. There are true cloud-based solutions available which will automatically record time via integrations into Microsoft Word, Outlook, the entire Microsoft Office 365 product suite, and even on calls made from smart phones or watches. This means that if any member of your firm is working on a document, email, or making a call, the billable time will instantly sync to a time-sheet that the managing partner can review at the end of each day. If you buy a true cloud legal practice management system, then this time can easily be imported to a built-in office trust accounting system. This reduces the time you spend editing and generating invoices. Many law firms still print and mail invoices to clients, and either have clients pay with credit cards in the office or mail checks. The requirements of social distancing make this impossible and give clients an easy excuse not to pay you. Make sure that your law firm can email invoices without having to print them, and is set up to accept clients payment online through your website both securely and virtually.

For more information on how to move your time recording, billing, and payments online, see the resources below.



Learn how having mobile access to all your case, client, billing, and time recording information will fundamentally change your law practice, making it paperless & secure.


Traditionally, your prospective clients would call your office, make an appointment to come in and meet you, and fill out their intake form sitting in your waiting room. Then, if you needed to file a complaint, you would have them sign it while in the office. With the COVID-19 pandemic, this is impossible. To ensure your business is able to accept new clients and receive the required paperwork, make sure that you are using a true cloud-based system built for lawyers that includes a client service portal at no extra cost. The client service portal must have online intake forms, and a totally secure document sharing and e-signing platform that does not come at a cost to your clients or require them to register an account or download anything. The requirement of attorney/client privilege makes it crucially important that the client service portal is built specifically for lawyers to make sure all state ethics rules and security procures are followed. Currently, there is only one system on the market offering this service.

To learn more about a secure client portal, click the link below.

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Can cloud software positively affect the work-life balance at your law firm?

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