3 Ways to Efficiently Create Packets with Court Bundling Software

Creating court packets and legal bundles for the courts is time-consuming. More often than not, if your law firm isn’t supported by administrative staff or paralegals, the onerous task of bundling falls to the attorneys. The project takes away valuable fee-earning time because tasks like formatting, Bates numbering, pagination, and other steps add hours to this tedious, yet mandatory task. Plus, the various guidelines and acceptable formats vary by state and county, and consist of different applications and steps to adhere to those layouts.

Law firms need a solution to marry court bundling with legal case management software, especially now with employees working from different locations. When both act independently, processes create additional steps. BundlePro is now available in the United States, exclusively integrating with LEAP legal practice management software. BundlePro is the only electronic court bundling software solution of its kind to not only produce court packets with formatting and specs, but also work with practice management software to speed up the process and get firms paid with cost recovery:

  1. Synchronized case documents and correspondence from practice management software lets you create court packets from files you are already working on. When LEAP is used for the management of case files, BundlePro uses those to your advantage for court bundling. Never again will your firm have to scramble to gather existing exhibits, depositions, evidence, etc. It is all in one place for electronic court bundles and assembly.

  2. Customized formatting with BundlePro allows you to tailor each court packet to the requirements of the courts where firms practice, including state, federal, and appellate rules of civil and criminal procedure, and evidence. Electronic bundling with BundlePro automatically generates indices, cover sheets, bookmarks, and Bates numbering, automates dynamic pagination, and adds custom page stamps with OCR software capability, and more. Gone are the days of using Adobe, Microsoft Word, and even Photoshop as potential, yet error-prone shortcuts.

  3. Creating these court packets takes valuable time and effort, even if the process is streamlined. The ability to create a cost recovery ready to be billed to the client allows you to get paid accurately, and without the hassle of estimating time and creating manual entries.

BundlePro, priced at less than half of an hour of average billable time, is a cost-effective legal court packet automation tool, boosted by the power of LEAP’s practice management software. Take advantage of court packet automation and get BundlePro court bundling software today.

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